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Advanced Games

This the home of Advanced Games, we produce small smart phone based games for everybody to enjoy, all of our games listed here are completely FREE for you to download immediately in the App stores - select a game and enjoy it

We only produce games that can be enjoyed by the whole family rather than a niche market we hope you enjoy playing our games as much as we enjoy making them.

About Advanced

Advanced as a company creates business apps & software, we occasionally like to let our hair down and produce small but interesting games for everybody to have fun and play. It's the type of company we are ☺

We invite you to take a look at our small list of games (which will surely grow knowing our developers) and download and play them as much as you like. They are completely free of charge. So please enjoy them with our compliments.

Our Games

Monkey Rush

The best jungle adventure arcade game at the iTunes. You will not find a better game then this one. In this game, your objective as a monkey character is to run in the jungle. You will have to avoid the obstacles as colliding with them will end your game. In your rush, you have to collect as many bananas, grapes, watermelons, pineapples and the strawberries, as possible. Compare scores with your friends.

Rooftop Rebel

You start on the roof of the crazy city, already you are confronted with the large base of the building generator, you are on a mission to jump over rooftops and high rise automated systems to collect as many coins as possible, each coin you get is 10 points and when you complete the game you are given a bonus of 1000 coins. You need to work hard and fast to get the highest score before the game finally ends.

Kitty Climber

This game is simple with an arcade look and feel, the idea is to help Kitty find the milk, using your skill and expertise you must avoid the hazards and work your way through a series of courses, you will collect coins along the way which will help you pay for the milk when you find it. But be careful it's not as easy as it sounds with spikes everywhere and other objects trying to stop you from proceeding. Timing is everything and you need nerves of steel.